Your safety completely under your control.

The housing you and your family occupy should be a secure environment; KASC can offer you cutting-edge security solutions that are applicable in houses, chalets, and any other location imaginable.
Smart security devices that are connected to the KASC mobile app come together to form a security system. 

This system allows you to monitor and safeguard your home from the inside as well as the outside at any time. 

The security system can be operated remotely through the KASC app.


Making an investment in ways to protect yourself and your family is a prudent choice. You can rely on KASC for cutting-edge automated protection systems and solutions.

The products and services offered by KASC are sufficient to meet and surpass your requirements for security. These include cameras for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as detectors for smoke, heat, toxic gases, and flooding. Smart security equipment, such as security alarms, motion sensors, doorbell cameras, door and window sensors, and other similar devices, enhance your level of protection to a higher level. Smart LED lights, door locks, and light sensor devices are all embedded with high-end technology and digital interfaces. These devices may be controlled using the KASC app.

KASC offers residential security packages in two ways:


The installation of security equipment in houses as well as the monitoring of those devices.

Residential Buildings

Installation of an all-encompassing security system in residential high-rise buildings