It's quite normal to have a lot of questions concerning the safety and protection measures your system provides.

KASC has the answers.

Q. What are the advantages of using the KASC's services?
Get the required level of security through the use of the services that are offered, which contributes to the customer's sense of calm and relaxation.

Q. What are the advantages of having sensors (Smoke, Gas, etc.) installed in a building?
Assists in providing advanced notification of potential dangers, allowing for a quicker response time, which in turn helps save lives and reduces the number of casualties.

Q. In the event that there is a disruption in the normal supply of electricity, what are the backup power sources?
The switch will be made to the alternate source of energy, which is the batteries, and the KASC emergency command centre will be notified of a message stating that there has been an interruption in the supply of electrical power.

Q. What steps should be taken in the event that there is a disruption in the internet connection?
The client as well as the KASC emergency command centre that is available "24/7" will be informed, and our workers will implement the procedure that was contracted for.

Q. In addition to sales and installation, what other services does KASC have to offer?
The services provided by KASC include keeping a look out for your comfort and insurance while also securing the environment around your house or place of business.

Q. Can conventional houses be upgraded to the level of sophistication of smart homes?
Yes, the quality of the technology used to convert regular homes into smart homes at an affordable price and without the need for any demolition or remodeling work is what sets this company apart from its competitors.

Q. How secure are the devices against being hacked?
To meet the most recent and stringent of the industry's standards, we do, in fact, make use of a wireless network that is both private and secure.

Q. Would it be possible to customise my security system specifically to the needs of my property?
Yes. KASC is able to custom design a security system for your property that is specific to your requirements.

Q. Does KASC provide services to individuals who have medical conditions?
Yes. Our engineers can create the appropriate system for you by first analysing the specific criteria that you have provided.

Q. Is the KASC monitoring or intruding on the client in any way?
Customer confidentiality is assured one 100%, and all aspects of the security control job are discussed, agreed upon, and made clear during the contractual phases.