We at KASC are pleased to offer both individuals and businesses in Kuwait the most modern security services and solutions. To ensure the safety of our customers, we are eager to combine excellence, technological innovation, and successful operational performance.

We are at the forefront of offering security services and solutions in Kuwait thanks to our connections with emergency services and governmental organisations. 

We are a service provider that specialises in installing cutting-edge security equipment and systems. 
The Kuwaiti government has granted KASC a formal licence, and it offers the best cutting-edge security solutions to both individuals and businesses.

As we offer security solutions and smart devices for homes and families connected to our 24/7 operation room, we also seek to upgrade Kuwaiti homes into smart homes using cutting-edge technology. To give our clients the best recommendations, consultations, and services, we were particularly vigilant in assembling a team with deep and extensive experience in the public safety sector.

The use of security and safety measures will help to lower crime rates over time and make our society safer, so our security experts are also working to raise security awareness in Kuwaiti society. KASC seeks to make Kuwait safer as part of Kuwait's 2035 vision.

Our Team

Ali M. Marafi


Ali A. Reihani


Sami I. Bilal

Multimedia Consultant